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Schelling – Edition and Archive


Archive and Library

The Project collects all the important documents researching the life and thinking of Schelling. They are being archived as originals, digital reproductions or copies and documented. These documents include

  • letters to and from Schelling as well as important letters between third parties
  • all posthumous documents
  • transcripts of Schelling’s lectures
  • details concerning people in Schelling’s environment
  • articles on the reception of Schelling’s philosophy
  • secondary literature


The results won from collecting, archiving and documenting are entered into a database  freely available for the interested. Research can be done with regard to people, letters and literature from Schelling’s environment.

To Database

Digital Edition

Transcripts of important lectures or other documents from Schelling’s posthumous scripts not published in the historic-critical edition are presented online. Starting 2016 these texts will be published consecutively while being listed here.

Digital Archive

For legal reasons the digital reproductions of original documents can only be viewed in the Project library.

Note: Visiting scientists are welcome to conduct research in the archive and the library on site. The Project is pleased to provide up to three workstations. For more information please contact us.