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Schelling – Edition and Archive


Editorial Approach

The Historical-critical Edition of the Works of Schelling is designed as complete edition. Each edited text is being approached scientifically by

  • comprehensive editorial reports concerning textual tradition and text design as well as text reception  
  • detailed explanatory notes commenting on and documenting factual and literary text references
  • comprehensive and systematically designed indices (names, locations, items and notions)
  • comprehensive bibliographies and – in the Work-Series – concordances of all relevant prints.

Please find a detailed description of all volumes here.

Series I: Works

The series I of the Historical-critical Edition contains all of Schelling’s publications in the chronologic order of their publishing date. The stated intention of this series is to produce or present texts as authentic as possible. The first print always serves as basis, it is then compared with all prints done during Schelling’s lifetime, Schelling’s personal copies, »pirated prints« as well as the version in »Sämmtliche Werke«. A comprehensive sighting and provision of sources allows for developing factual and historical text references. The reception up to Schelling’s death is being reconstructed as fully as possible.

Please find the editorial approach of series I here.

Series II: Posthumous Scripts and Transcripts

In this series numerous of Schelling’s texts are being published for the first time. Especially the transcripts allow for reconstructing and understanding the development of the thinking, that Schelling published starting 1812 in only few short writings. Series II of the Historical-critical Edition contains:

  • unpublished manuscripts, notes, drafts etc. by Schelling himself – except for his letters and yearly calendars
  • writings from the »Sämmtliche Werke«, published only after Schelling had died
  • audience transcripts of Schelling’s lectures

Please find the editorial approach of series II here.

Series III: Letters

Series III of the Historical-critical Edition contains letters from and to Schelling:

  • all handed down printed or unprinted letters, written, drafted, dictated or signed by Schelling himself as well as the ones he received
  • transcripts as letters
  • official letters
  • reconstructed letters – attested letters, whose texts are not available, are entered in a list

Each volume presents an annex containing the following texts in chronological order, edited like the letters:

  • entries in family registers
  • dedications by and to Schelling
  • poems addressed at Schelling

Please find the editorial approach of series III here.